Before I start I'll just tell you that I only recommend books which I have read and found to contain excellent and essential information in a relatively easy to understand format and which I consider to be good value for money (always important). I have provided Amazon affiliate links throughout this article to enable you to purchase any of my recommendations if you so wish and, in doing so, you'll help support and grow this website into a better resource centre.

I've been selling survival and bushcraft books from my shop for many years now and have selected what I consider to be some of the most useful and informative books. That's not an easy job, for there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of books which encompass some aspect of survival culture, whether that is on the theoretical or practical side.

In putting the list together this page became an unmanageably long one, so I have divided this part of the website into sections, so it's easier to find the books on specific subjects. Of course, some books cover more than one aspect/subject but, rather than reproducing the same book in several areas, I have chosen to simply place it in the subject for which it has the most relevancy.

Each subject has its own page and here's the links to the various book pages:



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