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Shooter's Bible Guide to Knives: A Complete Guide to Fixed and Folding Blade Knives for Hunting, Survival, Personal Defense, and Everyday Carry
by Roger Eckstine

Ideal for fans of buck knives, razor blade knives, elephant knives, and other knives
One of many reputable Shooter’s Bible books
Thorough resource for all of the listings and current trends in the knife market, including new manufacturers and metals

The Shooter’s Bible Guide to Knives contains everything you need to know about owning, maintaining, and buying all kinds of knives. It sets the basic standard for thorough publications by continuing the Shooter’s Bible tradition of compiling more information and products than any other source. It belongs on bookshelves with other knife collecting books, knives books, firearms survival guides, and top knife books. It is also a classic shooter book.

This book contains photographs and descriptions of more than 400 knives that treat readers to product highlights from custom knife makers and major manufacturers. It takes you from the blacksmith shop to high-tech influential designers with new information about locking mechanisms, blade steel, and handle materials. It has an encyclopedic level of information, including:

  • Tips for buyers and collectors
  • Detailed specifications and prices
  • Knives for self-defense
  • Knife anatomy
  • Accessories and sharpeners
  • Legal knowledge for every knife owner


Total Knife Manual: 251 Essential Outdoor Skills (Total Manuals): 141 Essential Skills & Techniques
by T. Edward Nickens

A good knife is an essential tool for camping, hunting, fishing, self-defense, cooking, and so much more. A great knife is a thing of beauty to be used and treasured for a lifetime. Using one takes knowledge and skill, and Eddie Nickens, author of the bestselling Total Outdoorsman Manual, is your expert guide.

Whether you're hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, or facing a life-or-death survival situation one thing is certain: you need a good knife. In this authoritative book, Eddie Nickens, Field & Stream editor at large and author of The Total Outdoorsman tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right knife for the job, using it correctly, keeping it sharp, and more.

Detailed "design workshops" provide an in-depth education in what makes a great knife, as well as how to choose the right knife for the job. Hands-on practical tips detail how to use your knife in a wide range of everyday, on-the-go, and even life-and-death situations, from whittling a tent peg to dispatching a wild hog.

Special features celebrate the greatest knives ever made, and the craftsmen who changed the game forever. For everyone from the casual camper looking to find the right all-around tool to carry on his belt to the connoisseur and collector who can tell a Victorinox from a Wenger at 100 paces.

In this authoritative book, Eddie Nickens, one of Field & Stream magazine's top knife experts, gives you his 250 top tips, tricks, and skills, including:

  • Choosing the right knife for the job
  • Cooking knives in the kitchen or in the wild
  • Butchering and filleting game and fish
  • Knives for survival
  • Camping and outdoor uses, expected and unusual
  • Sharpening and caring for a knife
  • Knife tricks to amaze and amuse
  • Forging your own blade
  • Other bladed tools to consider
  • . . . and more


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