Here is a collection of Youtube videos showing how to forage for food along the seashore.

To view any video simply click on the picture.

Coastal Foraging For Beginners - LATE SUMMER

Coastal Foraging - Scallops, Cockles, Clam and Crab Beach Cook Up

Coastal Foraging - Lobster, Cockles, Clam and Crab Beach Cook Up

FORAGING BIG SPIDER CRAB & LOBSTERS - Epic Coastal Forage , Cooking Sea Food On The Beach

Coastal Foraging , Cook Up On The Beach - Ormers / Abalone , Lobster , Clams and More

COASTAL FORAGING/ Big Oysters, Swimming Crabs and a Cook Up On the Beach

Coastal Foraging / Oysters , Lobsters and Clams / Cook Up On The Beach

Coastal Foraging -- My Biggest Ever Hand Caught Blue Lobster, Spider Crabs And Prime Summer Prawns

Coastal Foraging/Diving - Scallops, Lobsters, Crabs, Wrasse and more. Beach Cook up

Coastal Foraging - Shellfish Beach Cook Up

Sea Food Forage and Survival

Coastal Foraging - Razor Clams, Ormers, Lobster, Spider Crab, Cockles, Fish, Shrimp, Cooking Razor

HUGE Tides and Clamming for a CLAM Feast - Razor Clam, Gaper Clam, and Cockles

COASTAL FORAGING - Big Spider crab , Big Lobster and Big Conger Eel ! Cooking Spider Crab on Rocks

We found a low tide pool full of JUICY PRAWNS! (Out with the net!!!)

Coastal Foraging and Spearfishing with Haze Outdoors - Underwater footage and beach cookup.

Coastal foraging sandy beach

Coastal Foraging in the Thames Estuary; Chalkwell Razors

Bushcraft Coastal Foraging & Cooking Shellfish

Bushcraft Coastal Trotline Fishing

COASTAL FORAGING UK - Brown Crab!! + Coastal Clean UP

Coastal Exploring Cornwall - Wild Edibles

Coastal Foraging with Craig Evans mini series Part 1 The Estuary (edible plants and oysters)

Coastal Foraging with Craig Evans mini series part 2 Foraging on the Beach and Rocky Shore

Coastal Foraging with Craig Evans mini series part 3 "Cooking our finds on the Beach"

The Great Welsh Coastal Foraging Catch and Cook

Giant Carnivorous Anemones and a Winter Foraged Feast with Craig Evans

How to find free food on a beach - Winkles & Limpets

Northern Ireland - tasty dishes with kelp

Harvesting Edible Seaweed (and Introducing the Kelly Kettle and Extreme Greens Seaweed Book)

Sea Foraging in Dorset

Gill net on the beach

Shrimping with a home made pushnet for Brown Shrimp Crevette Gris

A days shrimping on the Suffolk coast

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