An old friend of mine who had been to prison on a couple of occasions in his younger years asked me what I thought had been the main things he'd learned from other people in jail. I naively replied "How to be a better criminal."

My friend put me right: "You know what everyone in prison has in common?" he asked. "They've all got caught! So the biggest lessons I learned were the ways people get caught and how to avoid making the same mistakes!"

This is a collection of 244 Survival News videos which are, for the most part, about people who needed rescuing from their situations. I invite you to learn from them what they did right but, more importantly, what they did wrong. Two things that most of them have in common: Firstly, they didn't PLAN and secondly they didn't carry any form of SURVIVAL KIT (unashamed plug!).

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15 Nov 2020
Hiker revived after being found by Navy crew
13 Nov 2020
Outback survival tips from an expert
26 Oct 2020
Body of lost hiker found in the Sluice Boxes
22 Oct 2020
Investigators Question Story Of Hiker: Statements 'Don't Add Up'
20 Oct 2020
Hiker found, investigation underway
19 Oct 2020
Missing hiker found alive in Zion National Park after nearly 2 weeks
19 Oct 2020
Authorities searching for missing hiker in Haywood County
13 Oct 2020
Utah Hiker Explains How He Survived A Cougar Attack
13 Oct 2020
Utah Hiker Stalked by Cougar
13 Oct 2020
Air 1 footage of hiker rescue
12 Oct 2020
Woman Missing In Utah's Zion National Park For Nearly A Week
07 Oct 2020
Body Of Missing Colorado Hiker Ben Lee Found
30 Sep 2020
Crews searching for missing hiker
28 Sep 2020
Searchers seek teen missing on hike near Mt St Helens
22 Sep 2020
Family of hiker found dead in Sandia Mountains says he likely fell
21 Sep 2020
Body of a missing hiker found
20 Sep 2020
Missing Idaho Hiker Found Dead After 1,000-Foot Fall
20 Sep 2020
The body of a missing hiker is found
20 Sep 2020
Top 10 Stories of People Who Survived Getting Lost In The Wilderness
19 Sep 2020
Search Continues For Missing Hiker In Weber County
19 Sep 2020
Missing Hikers Found Alive Part 2
17 Sep 2020
Rescuing an Overheated Hiker
18 Sep 2020
Cell phone data guides search for a missing hiker in Sandias
14 Sep 2020
Search continues for missing hiker
08 Sep 2020
Missing 80-year-older hiker turns up at press conference
30 Aug 2020
BCFD rescues fallen hiker on La Luz Trail
21 Aug 2020
Injured hiker rescued after 2 weeks stranded in woods
18 Aug 2020
Lost Santa Fe Forest hiker rescued after 14 days stranded
17 Aug 2020
Hiker survives being stranded for 14 days
13 Aug 2020
Hiker Survives 29 Hours on Only Water
12 Aug 2020
Overdue hiker found dead in Millcreek Canyon
10 Aug 2019
Missing Hikers Found Alive Part 1
05 Aug 2019
'He's lucky': Hiker rescued at Red River Gorge
23 Jul 2020
Hiker survives 40 hours stranded in wilderness
18 Jul 2020
Family searches for missing hiker in El Dorado national forest
17 Jul 2020
Shoe Print Brings Hope Missing Hiker Is Surviving In El Dorado National Forest
16 Jul 2020
Injured hiker rescued near Snow Lake WA
14 Jun 2020
How to Survive Alone in the Forest
10 Jun 2020
What To Do If You Get Lost Backpacking
25 Apr 2020
Colorado runner on mountain lion attack: ‘It just started clawing along my face’
23 Apr 2020
Could a missing drone solve campers' mysterious disappearance?
22 Apr 2020
Desperate pleas to find missing campers, Australia
29 Jan 2020
Aussie survives 3 weeks in outback eating just ants
29 Jan 2020
Man survives 4 weeks in outback on "crunchy ants and leaves"
13 Jan 2020
Man rescued after three weeks in Alaska wilderness
03 Jan 2020
Missing 17-year-old hiker found alive
30 Dec 2019
Survive Being Stranded in the Outback
06 Dec 2019
Survive Being Lost in the Forest
04 Dec 2019
Body believed to be missing hiker Claire Hockridge
03 Dec 2019
Man found alive after almost two weeks missing in outback
02 Dec 2019
Woman survives 12 nights in Australian outback. Search continues for 2 friends
22 Nov 2019
British camper missing near Twelve Apostles
31 Oct 2019
Amelia Bambridge: Body of British student found at sea
01 Nov 2019
What We Can Learn from Missing Hiker Rachel Lakoduk
23 Oct 2019
Search for missing hiker in North Cascades
28 Oct 2019
The search for missing backpacker Amelia Bambridge
18 Oct 2019
Silverthorne hiker rescued after 3 nights in wilderness
15 Oct 2019
Survive Being Stranded on a Deserted Island
23 Aug 2019
44 hikers rescued from Lost Dutchman State Park trail
09 Aug 2019
Helicopter Rescue – Pacific Crest Trail Hiker Rescued

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