An old friend of mine who had been to prison on a couple of occasions in his younger years asked me what I thought had been the main things he'd learned from other people in jail. I naively replied "How to be a better criminal."

My friend put me right: "You know what everyone in prison has in common?" he asked. "They've all got caught! So the biggest lessons I learned were the ways people get caught and how to avoid making the same mistakes!"

This is a collection of 249 Survival News videos which are, for the most part, about people who needed rescuing from their situations. I invite you to learn from them what they did right but, more importantly, what they did wrong. Two things that most of them have in common: Firstly, they didn't PLAN and secondly they didn't carry any form of SURVIVAL KIT (unashamed plug!).

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18 Jun 2014
BBC News Cave Rescue Of Johann Westhauser Reaches Final Stretch
18 Jun 2014
German Cave Rescue In Riesending Nears End
17 Jun 2014
Hunt Continues For Missing Firefighter
16 Jun 2014
Officials Call Off Search For Missing Hiker At Lake Mead
15 Jun 2014
Underground Cave Rescue In Germany Enters Delicate Phase
12 Jun 2014
Germany Riesending Cave Doctors Reach Trapped Man
10 Jun 2014
Missing Hiker Found (Columbia River Gorge)
10 Jun 2014
Missing NorCal hiker's father: 'That's not normal'
10 Jun 2014
Search Under Way For Missing El Dorado County Hiker
05 Jun 2014
Family Of Hiker Found Dead On Camelback Thanks Rescuers At Vigil
03 Jun 2014
Body found at Camelback Mountain. Eric Fernandes?
02 Jun 2014
Malaysia Backpacker: Body Confirmed As Gareth Huntley
02 Jun 2014
Finding Gareth: Body Of A Man Found
02 Jun 2014
Hikers Still Missing In The Blue Mountains
02 Jun 2014
Search Called Off For Seattle Man Missing on Hike
02 Jun 2014
Camelback Mountain Hiker Missing Nearly Three Days
01 Jun 2014
Missing New South Wales Hikers Found Safe
31 May 2014
British Volunteer Missing In Malaysian Jungle
31 May 2014
Fd: 78 Year Old Hiker OK After Spending 12 Hours On South Mountain
31 May 2014
Fd: 78 Year Old Hiker Stuck On Mountain For 12 Hours
29 May 2014
19-Year old Hiker Rescued From a Colorado Mountain
28 May 2014
Missing Hiker Found - Mt. Albert Edward
25 May 2014
Amazing Mt Hood Hiker Rescue Caught on Tape
12 May 2014
Two Hikers Rescued Off Burke Mountain in Coquitlam
05 May 2014
Colorado Mum Found Alive Five Days After Driving Off 140 foot Cliff
29 Apr 2014
How to Survive a Tornado if Caught on the Highway
29 Apr 2014
Family Missing in Congaree National Parks Speaks
29 Apr 2014
Park Ranger Who Found Family Speaks Out
29 Apr 2014
Family of 5 Lost in Congaree National Park Rescued After 3 Days No Food or Water
29 Apr 2014
Father and Son Lost Along Sandy River Rescued
29 Apr 2014
Brenda Salas Left Detailed Video Message To Self Before Death
29 Apr 2014
Police: Missing Woman Recorded Video Before Death
25 Apr 2014
The Man Who Found The Remains of Brenda Salas Speaks
25 Apr 2014
Police: Remains May Belong To Woman Missing For 2 Years
27 Apr 2014
Mountain Airlift Rescue Arizona Hikers Father and 5 Year Old Son
23 Apr 2014
SOS in Sand Brings Rescue for 5 on Australian Island
17 Apr 2014
Body of Missing Woman Found on Mt. Tamalpais
17 Apr 2014
Search Underway on Mt. Tam After Report of Missing Woman
14 Apr 2014
2 Boys Survive 3 Days in Cave With No Water/Food
13 Apr 2014
Missing Hiker Magdalena Glinkowski Found Dead in Mt. Tamalpais
13 Apr 2014
In Memory of Damian and Evan McManus (Echo Lake)
07 Apr 2014
Missing Hiker Last Seen on Surveillance Video
06 Apr 2014
Missing Father, Son Cell Phones Pinged Wednesday
07 Apr 2014
Search For Father, Son Missing Near Echo Lake Hits Snag
07 Apr 2014
Father, Son Still Missing Near Echo Lake
06 Apr 2014
Search For 2 Missing Hikers Near Echo Lake
01 Apr 2014
US Runner Survives 2 Days in Freezing Conditions
23 Mar 2014
Washington Town Wiped Out By Mudslide - Many Missing
18 Mar 2014
Search for Missing Hiker Suspended
09 Mar 2014
German tourist lost for three weeks survives Australian outback
04 Mar 2014
Sespe Rescue From Flash Floods
04 Mar 2014
Backpacker Survives on Flies in Aussie Outback - 17 Days
17 Feb 2014
Six Hikers Rescued in Mission Canyon
21 Jan 2014
Teen Hikers Rescued From Manana Trail
21 Jan 2014
Missing Hiker Found Days Later
21 Jan 2014
Reporter Cathy Frye Rescued in State Park Texas
17 Jan 2014
69-year-old Man Reported Missing in Beaverton; Search Efforts Expanding
11 Dec 2013
Details of the Nevada Rescue
11 Dec 2013
Rescued Nevada Family Warmed Rocks by Fire to Survive Snow
10 Dec 2013
Missing Nevada Family Survived 2 Days In Snow And Subzero Temperatures

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