An old friend of mine who had been to prison on a couple of occasions in his younger years asked me what I thought had been the main things he'd learned from other people in jail. I naively replied "How to be a better criminal."

My friend put me right: "You know what everyone in prison has in common?" he asked. "They've all got caught! So the biggest lessons I learned were the ways people get caught and how to avoid making the same mistakes!"

This is a collection of 249 Survival News videos which are, for the most part, about people who needed rescuing from their situations. I invite you to learn from them what they did right but, more importantly, what they did wrong. Two things that most of them have in common: Firstly, they didn't PLAN and secondly they didn't carry any form of SURVIVAL KIT (unashamed plug!).

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24 Jan 2009
Dehydrated Cyclists Rescued from the Anza-Borrego Desert
06 Nov 2008
When Animals Strike - Bear Attacks Dad
09 Sep 2008
Lost Hiker Body Recovered In Forest Falls, Ca.
20 Feb 2008
Rescued Hikers Describe Experience, Thank Rescuers
20 Feb 2008
Rescued Hikers Leave Helicopter
20 Feb 2008
Hikers Missing In White Mountains Found
20 Feb 2008
Teams Search For Hikers Missing In N.H.'s White Mountains
17 Dec 2007
Helicopter Rescue turns Dangerous
16 Dec 2007

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