An old friend of mine who had been to prison on a couple of occasions in his younger years asked me what I thought had been the main things he'd learned from other people in jail. I naively replied "How to be a better criminal."

My friend put me right: "You know what everyone in prison has in common?" he asked. "They've all got caught! So the biggest lessons I learned were the ways people get caught and how to avoid making the same mistakes!"

This is a collection of 249 Survival News videos which are, for the most part, about people who needed rescuing from their situations. I invite you to learn from them what they did right but, more importantly, what they did wrong. Two things that most of them have in common: Firstly, they didn't PLAN and secondly they didn't carry any form of SURVIVAL KIT (unashamed plug!).

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10 Dec 2013
Search Underway for Family of 6 Missing in Nevada Mountains
26 Oct 2013
Drone Considered In Search For Missing Hiker
08 Oct 2013
72 Year Old Hunter Lost 19 Days in The Wilderness
08 Oct 2013
Couple Survives Being Lost in Texas Desert for Days
02 Oct 2013
72 Year Old Hunter Goes Missing In California Forest
02 Oct 2013
Missing 'Moon' Hiker Gets Fewer Searchers Thanks To Shutdown
01 Oct 2013
Reward Offered For Info On Missing Brentwood Hiker Geraldine Largay
16 Sept 2013
Man in Crevasse Fall Breaks Back: Struggles 3 Miles For Help
06 Aug 2013
Largay Search, Sugarloaf Press Conference
30 Jul 2013
Search For Missing Hiker Enters 6th Day
29 Jul 2013
Search For Missing Hiker Continues
26 Jul 2013
Appalachian Trail Hiker Missing Geraldine Largay In Franklin County
28 Jul 2013
Missing Hiker Found Alive And Well After 3 Days On Mt. Lemon
25 Jul 2013
Kern County Sheriff, Helicopter Rescue of Flash Flood Victim
24 Jul 2013
Marine Biology Student Lost At Sea Rescued After 16 Hours
19 May 2013
Interview with British backpacker Sam Woodhead
07 May 2013
Missing Hikers Found Alive in San Bernardino Mountains
30 Apr 2013
Civilian Volunteer Contributions to Search Operations for Missing Hiker Kyndall Jack
09 Apr 2013
Hallucinating Hiker Says Days Lost In Woods Was Like 'A Big Dream'
04 Apr 2013
Second Missing Teen Hiker Rescued Thursday from California forest
03 Apr 2013
Rescued Teenage Hiker 3 Days In Canyon: Seriously Dehydrated
03 Apr 2013
Frantic Search For Missing Hikers In Cleveland National Forest
31 Mar 2013
Miracle On The Mountain: Lost Hiker Survives 6 Days
28 Feb 2013
Man Lost In Chilean National Park Survives 20 Days on Insects And Plants
17 Feb 2013
Backpacker Survives 3 Days In The Scorching Outback
15 Feb 2013
Backpacker Sam Woodhead Found Alive In Australia
14 Feb 2013
British Teen Backpacker Sam Woodhead Missing In Outback
29 Jan 2013
Lost Man Survives Nearly A Month In A Desert By Eating Frogs
15 Dec 2012
Man Dies After Going Missing In Australian Desert
01 Nov 2012
Father and 3 Boys Rescued From Steed Canyon
15 Oct 2012
Dehydrated Hiker Rescued in Palm Desert
10 Oct 2012
Hiker Survives 36 Hours. Lost in Rugged Terrain at Taconic Park
02 Oct 2012
Injured Man Survives 4 Days In Wilderness
05 Sep 2012
Dehydrated Hikers Rescued from El Capitan Mountain
15 Jul 2012
Dangers of Flash Floods - Havasupai Falls Area
26 Jul 2012
Body Of Missing Hiker Found In Superstition Mountains
25 Jun 2012
Hikers Lost Overnight On Mailbox Peak Found
01 Jun 2012
Seven Hikers Lost Overnight in Woods Rescued
11 Apr 2012
Missing Seaside Hiker Found Dead In Big Sur; Brother Found Alive
15 Dec 2011
Injured 82 Year Old Hiker Rescued In Durham Woods
11 Dec 2011
Stranded Hikers Recued from El Capitan Reservoir
09 Dec 2011
86-Year-Old Dana Davis Tells Story of Survival
14 Nov 2011
Rescue of Polish Hikers Lost in Columbian Jungle
26 Sept 2011
Hiker Stranded On Cliff In Dramatic Rescue
28 May 2011
Strathcona National Park Missing Hiker
19 Apr 2011
Yosemite Search For Missing Hikers
14 Apr 2011
North Carolina Missing Hiker Found Alive On Black Mountain
05 Oct 2010
LA Hiker Recounts 6 Days Stranded in Desert
04 Dec 2010
Tokelauan Teenagers Survive 50 Days Lost At Sea
26 Nov 2010
Families Celebrate Boys Miraculous Survival
26 Nov 2010
Doctor Examining Teen Boys Rescued After 50 Days At Sea
01 Oct 2010
64-Year Old Missing Hiker Found Alive After 6 Days
21 Jul 2010
Dramatic rescue of trekkers by Army at Batal, India
12 Jun 2010
Arkansas: Search for Flooding Victims, 16 Dead, Dozens Missing
11 Jun 2010
More than 40 Campers Still Missing After Arkansas Flash Floods
05 Mar 2010
Sailor Rescued After 5 Days On Vancouver Island
25 Jan 2010
14 Oct 2009
Lost in the Jungles of Phi Phi Island
15 Jul 2009
Missing Brit Backpacker Found Alive After 12 Days In Oz Bush
09 Jul 2009
Search goes on in Oz for missing British backpacker

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