If you've read the About Page then you'll know something of my background. I've always been a person who believed that one should be prepared to spend a few nights out in an emergency, such as getting lost. However, I don't think that, in the past, I've ever considered myself to be primarily a "survivalist" or a "prepper" but recent world developments started me thinking.


Let me start from the outset by declaring that I am NOT into conspiracy theories. BUT things are often not as they seem - a view that may not come as a surprise to some people. We live in an uncertain world as it states in my personal motto above. In a world where situations like Ukraine seemingly develop out of the blue so quickly and threaten our peace; in a world where civil strife such as witnessed in Syria, Egypt and so on continually bubble up; in a world where the greedy super-rich get ever richer and the poorest get ever poorer there is cause for concern. The USA national debt (TWENTY-FIVE TRILLION dollars and rising), the Greek population's backlash against its government's austerity measures, the predominance of fiat currencies, backed only by the personal bank accounts and savings of the population (as evidenced in Cyprus), the EU's continued bail outs of struggling countries, the Islamic extremists' apparent desire to wage war on anyone who doesn't agree 100% with their own doctrines; Putin flexing his muscles and testing the (apparently weak) resolve of the West; these are all indicators of serious problems to come in this world of ours.

I will leave the real hard core conspiracy theories and Doomsday NWO and SHTF scenarios to Alex Jones and his ilk. But, having kept very much in touch with what's going on in our world financially and politically, I would hazard a guess that Alex and friends do have some things to say that should be listened to, even if they take their extrapolations and conclusions to what sometimes looks like a fanatical extreme. There is much to be concerned about in our world today.


Over the past couple of decades it seems that this planet that we live on is stepping up its game. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, violent storms, freezes, tornadoes and more seem to be on the increase. And we have the promise of the effects of further Global Warming to look forward to. There appears to be no telling what natural disaster will befall some unfortunate part of the world tomorrow or how many lives will be lost. Even worse if you watch the scientific documentaries that inform us that we are well overdue a mega-tsunami, a super-volcanic eruption, a hyper-hurricane, a super-massive earthquake or an asteroid collision. I sometimes wonder how we all sleep soundly in our beds with all these potential cataclysms in the offing. Ah, that's right: they always happen somewhere else to someone else! Well, that's Ok then!



Whenever I have to plan a large project, give a talk/lecture, put together a new kit, explore a new subject ... in fact whenever I have anything to plan ... I draw a "mind map". Recently I wanted to get things clear in my own mind what all the reasons were to "prep" and all of the things that needed consideration in putting together a survival kit and a survival strategy.

The image below was my "first cut" but like Topsy ... it grew. In the "resources" section you'll find more mind maps that I developed covering a range of things. None of them are final and all of them will develop further. If you click on the image below a new full-size image (2220 x 1920 px) will open in a new browser window. The file size is 623 kB, so it may take a little time to download. Once it has downloaded please use your browser options to zoom to full size (100%) or any appropriate size. Once you've finished with it simply delete the browser page to return to here.


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