Here is a Survivalists' glossary from a most excellent 320 page book, which I would urge all preppers, bushcrafters and survivalists to seek out. It's "The Survival Handbook in Association with the Royal Marines Commandos" published by Dorling Kindersley, ISBN-13: 978-1405393560. (Click on the book to the right to find it at Amazon.)

The author, Colin Towell (left), joined the Royal Navy in 1977 and qualified as a Combat Survival Instructor with 22 Regiment SAS and has spent over 30 years teaching land, sea, desert, jungle and cold-weather survival skills - as well as survival and conduct in captivity - to UK Army, Navy, Royal Marines and Air Force personnel. He was the Royal Navy's Chief Survival Instructor and also served three years as Chief Instructor at the US Navy SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Extraction) school. Colin served in the Falklands, Bosnia, Germany, USA and N. Ireland and still serves as a Reserve Chief Instructor with the UK Defence SERE, training both instructors and students. He provided survival training, equipment and rescue coordination for Richard Branson's round the world balloon attempts, and also trials, evaluates and instructs in the use of specialized survival equipment.


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