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Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living
by Jim Cobb

Prepare your home and family for any life-threatening catastrophe with this step-by-step survivalist guide filled with techniques, strategies, and DIY projects from a lifelong prepping expertThe preparation you make for a hurricane, earthquake or other short-term disaster will not keep you alive in the event of widespread social collapse caused by pandemic, failure of the grid or other long-term crises.

Government pamphlets and other prepping books tell you how to hold out through an emergency until services are restored.

This book teaches you how to survive when nothing returns to normal for weeks, months or even years, including: Practical water collection for drinking and hygieneStoring, growing, hunting and foraging for foodFirst aid and medical treatments when there’s no doctorTechniques and tactics for fortifying and defending your homeCommunity-building strategies for creating a new society


UK Prepping: The Survivor's Guide To The End Of The World
by David George

My name is David. I am a survivor. I have survived various “character-building” events such as living rough on the streets of England, being lost at sea in a canoe, being stranded in the mountains during winter, being attacked with knives and bats, and having to defend my living space from armed invasion. I have had extensive experience of being on my own with no support and no supplies, starving, and sometimes with injuries and with people trying to harm me.

I believe that what I learnt during those few dark years of homelessness has uniquely prepared me for the future - a future without government help, where the emergency services no longer exist, and where your neighbours arm themselves to take your food.

This is not so much a “how to” book as a call to action, and it contains practical advice that has been put to the test in the real world under conditions of starvation and attack. I will not be suggesting that at the end of the world humanity will pull together and we’ll all be walking around holding hands and sharing food. I’m afraid the reality of survival, particularly when everything is lost, is that there’ll be times when you’ll have to fight for your life.

This book is for men and women - mums and dads as well as individuals - who are concerned with the way the world is going, and who want to be absolutely sure they can keep their families safe. We will be having an honest, no nonsense look at personal survival when you and your family are absolutely on your own, cut off, without help, starving and under attack.


Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide: The Prepping Supplies, Gear & Food You Must Have To Survive
by Novato Press

Be prepared when real disaster strikes. Everyone believes that they have their life completely under control--until a major disaster hits. In an emergency, the fantasy of control collapses, along with everything that makes our lives normal. Only those who have planned ahead will survive

Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide will show you how you and your family can survive even the direst situations. To do so effectively, however, you'll need the right tools. Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide introduces you to the physical and mental tools and prepper supplies that can help save your life. Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide outlines the essential prepper supplies and tools of survival, with:

An overview of the best strategies and prepper supplies for surviving any disaster

  • Detailed prepper supplies checklists for your Go-Bag and your 72-Hour Kit
  • Product reviews of essential prepper supplies including flashlights, shelters, first aid, navigation gear, and fuel
  • Price comparisons and online purchasing information for the most necessary prepper supplies
  • Vital chapters on protecting your pets and prepping your motor vehicle
  • Special tips for cooking outdoors, purifying water, storing gasoline, and making an emergency toilet

Preparing for a disaster requires bravery and logic. Everything else can be found in Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide.


The Prepper's Blueprint
by Tess Pennington

Across the ages, in every survival story, a disaster of some sort plays a prominent role. Sometimes the part is played by the government, sometimes it is played by Mother Nature, and other times, the role is taken on by a random mishap.

If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.A crisis rarely stops with a triggering event. The aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. Because of this, it’s important to have a well-rounded approach to our preparedness efforts.

Due to the overwhelming nature of preparedness, we have created the Prepper’s Blueprint to help get you and your family ready for life’s unexpected emergencies. To make a more comprehensive, easy-to-follow program, The Prepper’s Blueprint has been simplified and divided up in a way to help you make sense of all the preparedness concepts and supply lists provided. We have divided the chapters into layers of preparedness.

Layer 1: Chapters 1-14, prepares you for those everyday disasters that have shorter-term effects: power outages, storms, injuries, and evacuations

Layer 2: Chapters 15-31 help you to get ready for disasters that turn out to be much longer-lasting: economic collapse, long term power outages, and pandemics, to name a few

Layer 3: Chapters 32-56 prepares you for the long haul and a complete change of lifestyle, the end of the world as we know it: providing food and water once supplies run out, security, retreat properties, and long-term plans

The goal of The Prepper’s Blueprint is to help you find freedom through self-reliance, and ultimately, to get you and your family to a point where you can not only survive, but thrive, in a world that may be permanently altered.



The Disaster Preparedness Handbook: A Guide for Families
by Arthur T Bradl

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the world spins like a top, the skies are clear, and your refrigerator is full of good food. But the world is a volatile place—storms rage, fires burn, and diseases spread. No one is ever completely safe. Humans live as part of a very complex ecosystem that is unpredictable and merciless. Could you protect your family in the case of an emergency—domestic or global?

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook will help you to establish a practical disaster plan for your entire family (covering all fourteen basic human needs) in case the unpredictable happens. Additional information is also presented for those with special needs, including the elderly and disabled, children, pregnant women, and even pets. Well-researched by an army veteran and current NASA engineer, this is the essential guide every family should have, study, and keep handy, in case the unthinkable should occur.


SAS Urban Survival Handbook: How to Protect Yourself Against Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Fires, Home Invasions, and Everyday Health and Safety Hazards
by John "Lofty" Wiseman

John “Lofty” Wiseman is the author of the bestselling SAS Survival Handbook, the definitive guide to survival in the wild from Britain’s Special Air Service. Now he has compiled the complete guide to surviving among crowds of people, the mazes of office buildings, the dangers of an unfeeling city?put simply, how to stay safe in the urban jungle.

Thousands of preventable fatalities occur in the home every year?more than on the roads, more than in the great outdoors. Household chemicals, electricity, cooking knives, and rodent poisons?in the wrong hands and with improper usage, these day-to-day resources bring danger to your home. Add to this the risks of moving through city streets (the threat of rape, muggings, and gang violence) and the menace of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, blizzards) that cannot be avoided.

Every day serves as a constant reminder: The world is truly a frightening place.

The SAS Urban Survival Guide advises readers to think practically about urban environments and offers tips and instructions on how to avoid hazards wherever one goes. From self-defense techniques to home security systems to coping with natural disasters, this book teaches readers to recognize danger, make quick decisions, and live confidently in the modern world.


Prepping: An Essential Survival Guide for DIY Preppers Who Want to Be Self-Reliant When SHTF, Including Tips for Living Off the Grid, Homesteading, and Stockpiling Properly
by Dion Rosser

Are you one of those people who think preppers are foolish? Wasting their time? Panicking over nothing? Or are you starting to take it seriously?

The world is falling apart, bit by bit. Be it a human-made or natural disasters, things are getting worse, and everyone needs to be prepared for the day when the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan).

It isn’t just weather and wars; with one financial crash after another, there is every chance that disaster could strike at any time.

Discover how you can be prepared for any scenario and learn the amazing things that every prepper wants you to know.

You might think that joining the ranks of the preppers is hard work, but you will be stunned to discover just how simple it is. No, you can’t learn it overnight, but you can learn how to do it and do it properly.

Here’s some of what you will learn in this easy to read guide:
  • What being a prepper is all about
  • Everything you need to know before becoming a prepper
  • Essential prepping skills
  • Rookie prepper mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to live off-grid
  • All about homesteading
  • How to use natural resources
  • What to expect when the SHTF
  • What to put in your bug-out bag
  • What food, medical, and other supplies you should be stockpiling
  • …and much, much more!

Take a minute to imagine how you’ll feel once you are ready for any disaster, and how your family and friends will react when they see how easily you will survive!

So, even if you’re one of those that believe it will never happen to you, you too can learn just how simple being a prepper is and how essential it is by reading this guide.


Prepper's Pantry: The Survival Guide To Emergency Water & Food Storage
by Ron Johnson

Save your LIFE and Save your FAMILY Are you prepared for any disaster that is about to happen? Do you already have emergency supplies? Is it enough to sustain you and your family’s life for an extended period, when help from others would be close to impossible? Have you discussed and implemented the emergency plans with your family?

Fighting for your survival during times of disaster is not about luck, it’s about the right knowledge that will help you pull through it. It is all about saving you and your family’s life, with the tips provided in this book. Guess what? YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN by reading and following all the guidelines laid out in my book.

In this book you will;

  • Learn where to find safe drinking water, when it seems there is none.
  • Learn where to find food, when your stocks are getting low, and stores are all closed.
  • Learn the techniques in packing up your emergency life supply so it will last longer.
  • Learn how to homemade preserve your food that will last up to a year without spending too much.
  • Learn the perfect spots on where you can store your food supply.
  • Learn how to manage your food and water supply during and after disasters.

This book aims to make you more confident and more knowledgeable in saving LIFE during disasters by the means of being prepared. The best preparation comes from you being prepared, and you can start that preparation today by doing everything I laid out in my book. START RIGHT NOW! Or before it’s too late. Disasters come and go; it might not be here today, who knows maybe by tomorrow or another day it is here, not just for a day, but maybe a year to stay.



The Preppers Cookbook: Essential Prepping Foods and Recipes to Deliciously Survive Any Disaster
by Rockridge Press

Build an emergency food supply for your family with nutritious, low-cost recipes with the handy Preppers Cookbook.

Prepping your own food - choosing the right ingredients, in the right quantities, with the right methods - is the best way to ensure that you and your family will be ready for any disaster.

This is the ultimate prepper's cookbook for preparing in a safe and smart way. With the help of The Preppers Cookbook you'll be able to:

  • Get started with handy checklists and instructions to begin preparing immediately
  • Use The Preppers Cookbook to quickly learn and start using different food-preservation methods such as canning, pickling, and dehydrating
  • Choose from delicious recipes from the The Preppers Cookbook for every meal and situation, including breakfast, dessert, and snacks
  • Keep track of your calories, water supply, and macronutrients using proper guidelines
  • Easily organize your disaster response with helpful tips and suggestions from

The Preppers Cookbook Regardless of what reality TV would have you believe, most preppers are real-world people just like you, who simply want to be prepared to survive any emergency that may arise. Advance preparation will be crucial to making it through a disaster, even if it's for only a few days. With dozens of useful recipes, and with tutorials on crucial topics such as alternate food sources, reliable cooking methods, and water purification, The Preppers Cookbook will help get your family prepared for any situation.


The Prepper's Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource
by Daisy Luther


You can survive up to three weeks without food, but only three days without water! When catastrophe strikes, having enough water can spell the difference between life and death.

The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide offers a step-by-step plan with straightforward information you can easily follow. Thanks to this book’s laser-focus on water, you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Store fresh water
  • Collect rainwater
  • Purify water from lakes & rivers
  • Dig a well for groundwater

In addition to harvesting water, you’ll gain the tools to keep large stores untainted for long periods of time, test the water you collect for dangerous toxins, and treat water-related illnesses that are commonly contracted during a disaster.


52 Prepper Projects: A Project a Week to Help You Prepare for the Unpredictable
by David Nash

Are you and your family self-reliant? Will you be able to provide for them and keep them safe? The best way to prepare for the future is not through fancy tools and gadgets—it’s experience and knowledge that will best equip you to handle the unexpected.

Everyone begins somewhere, especially with disaster preparedness. In 52 Prepper's Projects, you’ll find a project for every week of the year, designed to start you off with the foundations of disaster preparedness and taking you through a variety of projects that will increase your knowledge in self-reliance and help you acquire the actual know-how to prepare for anything.

Self-reliance isn’t about building a bunker and waiting for the end of the world. It’s about understanding the necessities in life and gaining the knowledge and skill sets that will make you better prepared for whatever life throws your way. 52 Prepper's Projects is the ultimate instructional guide to preparedness, and a must-have book for those with their eye on the future.


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