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Throwing Axe by Kombat UK



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UK Preppers Radio Network 1st Impressions:
THE Ultimate Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

Listen to Tom Linden's Podcast About THE Ultimate Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

... And The Text Written by Tom Linden

I HAVE TO SAY THAT THIS REALLY IS ONE HELL OF A KIT, it is not only very comprehensive in its contents, it is very well constructed with its eleven individually sealable compartments full of everything that you need to catch fish, but on the box there are very useful hints and tips front and back. Attached to the kit in a 100% water proof pouch is an A4 folded sheet containing Equipment notes, The best places to look for fish, Bait information, Examples of how to tie fishing knots, How to build a Trot Line, How to gut and clean fish, Cooking fish and much more.

For this sort of money I expected a kit with a few of the usual fishing items, you know line, hooks, and weights perhaps a float and not much more.

In fact I was initially totally taken aback with this kit's quality and I can clearly see that it was designed with a great deal of thought and effort by someone who wants to provide only the very best products he can.

Mal mentions in his letter that the kit contains equipment you wonít find in other kits. Well I agree Mal, as I have never seen such a range of artificial baits and lures in any kit let alone one of this size.

But he has cracked it with the inclusion of a fishing net, key ring led, snare wire, light-anywhere matches, button compass, light sticks, eye hooks, disgorger and more and more and more very well thought out items.

Although I have not yet fished with this kit I really felt that you should know about it first. I will soon be reviewing the THE Ultimate Emergency Survival Fishing Kit and I canít wait to catch my tea.



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